What Is My Dream?

Someone once told me that when I was a cross country runner 🏃that I could finish a race in the top four, if I believed in myself. I had always finished last. I didn’t believe that I could. Nobody had ever pushed me, told me that I could or believed in me before. I found it interesting that out of nowhere this team mate believed in me. So I set out to prove that he was right. I finished third that day, unsuspecting of my prior beliefs! So I sure did finish in the top four! Wow! I had not known before that I could do it! And I did!
Did you know that the human potential of the mind is limitless? When allowed to process and think “in tune” and geared positively by our thoughts, we can achieve anything our heart’s💜desire. 
It’s like the story of Buzzy The Bumblebee 🐝by Denise Brennan-Nelson. The bumblebee doesn’t have the structure to be able to fly, but because it thinks it can, so it does.
In my own experience, life lessons have taught me what is possible

Here are some KEY🔑things that changed my life:

1-Walked on a 1700 degree bed of hot coals commonly known as the🔥👣firewalk 
(7 times!)
2-Sold all of my possessions and moved🚚across country 6 times alone. All by myself! Empowered woman!
3-Owned and operated (CEO) of my own AVEDA 🍃Concept Salon & Spa 15 years and a Men’s💈💺Intelligent Nutrients Salon 3.5 years.
4-Licensed hairstylist ✂over 35 years.
5-Received many awards🏆 for years in service and top retail sales.
And many more!
My Belief in God☝💒, determination, will and strength of courage has showed me what my spirit of self can do, what is possible and what my personal drive can push me towards now in accomplishing my dream.
You may ask, what is my dream? I’ve asked my self that question for many years. I think for me it’s constantly evolving and through much soul searching I’ve realized that being an author 📖to share how I succeeded and overcame obstacles, and an art 🎨career is my present and future. Drawing or doodling and Painting has been my passion throughout my life. I just keep taking it to the next 🔝level.
There is a unique heart inside of me waiting to be heard, to be shown a new direction and voice its presence in the arts. Embracing the will, an eagerness and bringing a whole new perspective to my self, my art and what I can bring to other’s enjoyment.

I have an artist’s eye. I see things out of the ordinary. Things other’s do not. I express a vision that is unbeknownst to others. 

I would look at it like this:

A cut above with a cool edge, applied now to the modern art form, rather than a just haircut.”...Lettie Atkins


  1. I knew it! Your Amazing, unique, wonderful, imaginative, creative, beautiful, unstoppable, cherished, light bringer, ...and I am running out of incredible words. I will back to you. :)


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