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Tent Of Meeting

Over this past Easter week millions of people are mourning the loss of the Notre-Dame Cathedral, a Paris historical church over 850 years old.  Not all was burned and destroyed.  The cross still stands! The Virgin Mary statue holding Jesus was unharmed by the fire.  Many artifacts remained untouched by the flames of that fire.   This miraculous and tragic event has had me thinking of Biblical events like Easter. This is the celebratory Easter week that Christians remember Christ Jesus dying on the cross, rising again and saving us all from sin for those that believe in Him.  I look at the pictures of the fire of the great Notre-Dame Cathedral and see the before, during and after shots of something truly miraculous. There were many people that built this amazing church. Over 800 years ago! Replacing the roof beams alone will be such a feat because there are no trees that big to replace the beams in all of Paris! Imagine what Paris must have been like o

What Is My Dream?

Someone once told me that when I was a cross country runner 🏃that I could finish a race in the top four, if I believed in myself. I had always finished last. I didn’t believe that I could. Nobody had ever pushed me, told me that I could or believed in me before. I found it interesting that out of nowhere this  team mate believed in me. So I set out to prove that he was right. I finished third that day, unsuspecting of my prior beliefs! So I sure did finish in the top four! Wow! I had not known before that I could do it! And I did! Did you know that the human potential of the mind is limitless? When allowed to process and think “in tune” and geared positively by our thoughts, we can achieve anything our heart’s💜desire.   It’s like the story of Buzzy The Bumblebee 🐝by Denise Brennan-Nelson. The bumblebee doesn’t have the structure to be able to fly, but because it thinks it can , so it does. In my own experience, life lessons have taught me what is possible .  Here are