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Lettie's Book: I AM NO Shrinking Violet by Lettie R. Violetta Coming Soon To Your Local Bookstore

  I AM NO Shrinking Violet By Lettie R Violetta What happens when in BOLD FAITH you put your  YES on the table before the Lord  and take small action steps to get your story heard?  💥 When does speaking up make a difference to others  who may have traveled down the same path as you have? Why would I risk it all to tell my story?  Why not?   Everyone has one, right?  It's all what you do with that story.   Would you hide out forever with that story in your heart?   Or would you let it out and allow the telling of it to heal yourself  and possible others as well? How would your voice be heard by saying anything at all?  Do you think what was planted in the garden of your heart  heal you?   Maybe others too?  Whether you have been abused by a parent, a sibling, a neighbor or anyone else that was supposed to be trustworthy this story will help you in your healing journey  and path to wellness.  Let my journey make a difference for you. #overcomer #thriver #humantrafficking #abuse #rap