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Gratitude Is Your Glory

One of the big things that I do each day is get close to God👆💒. I meditate and pray on his word from the Bible before I do anything else.  Starting each day putting Him first allows me to let Him lead me.  Allows me to let go of any fears over anything. Allows me to have FAITH that He has got me in each and every thing that I do.   Having gratitude and a attitude of thankfulness helps me to be JOY filled and happier.  It's not enough to think gratitude, you entertain gratitude.  You give, show, be and stimulate an energy of thankfulness.   You carry on a love, affection, warmth, emotion of gratitude.  Employing a daily habit of excellence in gratitude.  And you know what happens when you do?  God reigns His blessings on your life.  All it takes is reestablishing your focus on what you're thankful for. Be thankful for each and every part of your day! The power of this positivity is a magnet for miracles to employ in your life.   Being kind, giving back, serving others