Tent Of Meeting

Over this past Easter week millions of people are mourning the loss of the Notre-Dame Cathedral, a Paris historical church over 850 years old.  Not all was burned and destroyed.  The cross still stands! The Virgin Mary statue holding Jesus was unharmed by the fire.  Many artifacts remained untouched by the flames of that fire.  
This miraculous and tragic event has had me thinking of Biblical events like Easter. This is the celebratory Easter week that Christians remember Christ Jesus dying on the cross, rising again and saving us all from sin for those that believe in Him. 
I look at the pictures of the fire of the great Notre-Dame Cathedral and see the before, during and after shots of something truly miraculous. There were many people that built this amazing church. Over 800 years ago! Replacing the roof beams alone will be such a feat because there are no trees that big to replace the beams in all of Paris! Imagine what Paris must have been like over 800 years ago when it had trees that big. How must the people even have handled beams that big back then?
God clearly shows us in the Old Testament the many rules and ways he wanted His “Tent Of Meeting” to be built, to be moved and cherished.  God chose for us, that believed in Him, that the structure of the Tent was clearly thought out and a very holy place to honor God.
Those that did not believe in Him were swallowed whole by the earth with all their possessions and families.
So this leads me to think about living under open heaven.  What does it mean that the roof was taken off the great cathedral by fire? What is the symbolism in this event? Does this correlate to ancient history? Do you think that God is trying to tell us something? What does it mean to you that the cross still stands?  
I know that Paris will rise again.  Already people have donated millions to the restoration. There is already a master plan brewing in how they will rise.  There are goals in place and they are moving towards rebuilding this great church, tent of meeting.  
Today is a good day to be thankful for the transformation and rebirth that will bond Christians together towards a common goal. To turn over a new leaf.  To praise Him on this resurrection week. To celebrate with families, create new memories and to dream of a new empire on the rise. 
If there was ever a time to be inspired, this would be one.  This #NotreDameCathedral is an inspirational monument, Tent of Meeting if you will, of hope for a future, not to harm us, but to RESTORE us. That is what God tells us. But God. But first God. He is the Royal King, that rises above ALL LIMITS. And the cross still stands to remind us, He LIVES!

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