It's not just in the #forgiveness of the Earthly family that hurt me, but in the gratitude for it. Learning that being grateful in it launches me higher! Allows me to help others heal. Being that conduit for healing energy, heals us both in the process.
 I am No Shrinking Violet. I will not stand in the sidelines with a broken heart. I am not alone. God is at the throne! He is my deliverer! I am faithful to my God. He is Holy! He is with me. I am in His safe arms. I have this voice to tell the story that, it is not just forgiving them, but I have gratitude in those lessons. 
I use God's Great healing energy to help heal others, giving my 1% back. This "story" helps me to heal others with this pain. If I had not had that past history I could not share! I am grateful for the healing in Jesus' arms! 
Thank you Jesus for helping me to Let It Go.
 Like the firewalk experience, when walking on a bed of 1700 degree coals, it can be like going to the fridge to get a drink of water and you feel nothing, or it can be fear of the fire and you get burnt! I choose to forgive and have gratitude in it. #GRATITUDE


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