78 Year Old Model Comes To Handsome Hair!

I had the amazing opportunity to meet with Parker yesterday. He was my model that I found for a photo shoot. What was so GREAT about Parker was his wisdom and GRATITUDE for life! I enJOYed the photo shoot mostly because he at 78 had a quiet inner confidence that makes him glow. He looks at his wife Wanda and his eyes light UP. His HAIR is a #crownofglory. It's pure white, thick and to his waist. Imagine how much fun we all had with THAT rarity to photograph!

Proverbs 16:31English Standard Version (ESV)31 Gray hair is a crown of glory;
it is gained in a righteous life.

Gratitude Is Your Glory

One of the big things that I do each day is get close to God👆💒. I meditate and pray on his word from the Bible before I do anything else.  Starting each day putting Him first allows me to let Him lead me.  Allows me to let go of any fears over anything. Allows me to have FAITH that He has got me in each and every thing that I do.   Having gratitude and a attitude of thankfulness helps me to be JOY filled and happier.  It's not enough to think gratitude, you entertain gratitude.  You give, show, be and stimulate an energy of thankfulness.   You carry on a love, affection, warmth, emotion of gratitude.  Employing a daily habit of excellence in gratitude.  And you know what happens when you do?  God reigns His blessings on your life.  All it takes is reestablishing your focus on what you're thankful for. Be thankful for each and every part of your day! The power of this positivity is a magnet for miracles to employ in your life.   Being kind, giving back, serving others, keeps …

Painting Is My Peace

Afternoon Delight Oil On Canvas Abstract SOLD
I  have  been  painting  just a  few  months  and  have  found  it  to  be  my  newest  and  greatest  passion! Painting  with  oil  paint  using  the  palette  knife  and painting  during meditation  is  my  greatest  strength.  You  will  notice  an  almost  abstract  look  to  my  work. Please check back frequently for more updates on my art!

How much would you pay for a haircut?

After listening to a few of the stylists that attended a recent hair show in Orlando, Fla, the question has been brought up, how much would you pay for a haircut?
Ted Gibson has been in the beauty business for 23+ years and he charges $750 for a haircut. He's done many stars hair like Angelina Jolie.  He's been on the tv show What Not To Wear as well.
So, tell me, what constitutes to you the worth of a $750. haircut? What do you think it takes to acquire star status?
I've done hair for 28 years. I've been honored for my years of service by AVEDA and also by Michigan State Representative Tim Moore. Does my knowledge and skill that I've acquired allow me to charge that? What do you think it takes?

How do you channel your expression? Is it through art, photography or interior design?

Do you take personal responsibility with your self, your art?  Communicate your creativity by channeling. Bring your expression to paper. Meditation is my outlet for developing my passions. Stillness of the mind speaks. Listen quietly. Silence is golden. It speaks your passions, your inner desires. Meditation creates the fire to do the art. The artisan lies within.  You can apply its soul being when you listen to that inner knowing, inner voice.
Channel your expression in art, interior design, photography, crafts, woodworking.. what ever your passion may be. How you say?
Choose a quiet spot. Sit comfortably or lie down. Take 3 deep breaths. Let go of all the noises around you and the mental chatter. Focus on your breath. Breathe in light. Breathe out disharmony. Once all your thoughts are gone, focus on light coming in. What color is the light? Does it change color? Focus on your breath and the color. Keep doing it. Empty your mind. Do this as long as you can comfortably.

Have your dreamt of the RED PHOENIX? What does it signify and mean to you?

To me, the Red Phoenix signifies peace, the shedding of the old skin, new life and forming the new. In my dream I saw floating, dainty red feathers surrounding my broken body, protecting me. Leaving the ashes of my burned and broken soul in the dust to create a new life for my self bringing peace, prosperity, happiness, love and JOY.  The true key to unlocking the happiness factor is joy.
The most beautiful creature I have ever seen is the Red Phoenix. A monumental moment of discovery of a different world of transformation and renewal.

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.  Romans 12:12

And what is remarkable is budding hope.

At least there is hope for a tree. If it is cut down, it will sprout again, and its new shoots will not fail.
Its roots may grow old in the ground and its stump die in the soil, yet at the scent of water it will bud and put forth shoots like a plant.
Job 14:7-9