DARE TO RISK ME by Lettie Atkins(Violette Rose)

Dare To Risk Me 08/28/2000
Words, thoughts and ideas
are an everyday tool for expressions
from within my Soul.
Find me out and see the sights
hidden under candlelight.
Journey forward with ONE
as with none other.
See and live the moment asunder,
or by oneself 
its take to surrender.
Lettie R. Krell (Violette Rose)

THOUGHTS ARRESTED by Lettie Atkins (Violette Rose)

Thoughts Arrested 2000
Unconscious minds are not definable
to grasp the thoughts
we are aware of consciousness
to this we may arrest.
But by and by a moment
of past circumstance
that triggers a light
of remembrance
to make us grasp the past.
In understanding the grey area
revolutions to unwind,
the chaos is now remarkable
of infinity understood.
Lettie R. Krell (Violette Rose)

THE LIGHT OF MY SOUL by Lettie Atkins (Violette Rose)

The Light Of My Soul 2000
Soul is open now
directed toward the Light.
Above the clouds I see
apparent mystery.
 For the eye
takes me to another place
of unity and peace.
Happiness is found...
and to this I owe...
my Soul
for it is now

THE DIVINE LIFE by Lettie Atkins (Violette Rose)

The Divine Life 2000
Dreams escape me.
I wake up to serenity.
Peace takes me up.
Positivity directs my path,
guides me to an unknown road.
I'm ready.
Ready to allow my intuition
to become forward open.
And to fly away.
To take this life
into Divinity.
Lettie R. Krell (Violette Rose)

LEAN ON ME Poetry From Violette Rose (Lettie Atkins)

Lean On Me 1/17/2000
Stolen moments of time and comfort
to increase friendship and joy
makes daily tasks and functions
brighter and happy to endear.
Laughter and sorrow is 
like pathways to roll on.
Good and bad like
the valleys or the mountains.
Without this a tear would flow
our energy depleted.
You may expect more of the same you know
to remain in my domain.
For you will always be The One
I will run and to remember.
Lettie R. Krell (Violette Rose)

78 Year Old Model Comes To Handsome Hair!

I had the amazing opportunity to meet with Parker yesterday. He was my model that I found for a photo shoot. What was so GREAT about Parker was his wisdom and GRATITUDE for life! I enJOYed the photo shoot mostly because he at 78 had a quiet inner confidence that makes him glow. He looks at his wife Wanda and his eyes light UP. His HAIR is a #crownofglory. It's pure white, thick and to his waist. Imagine how much fun we all had with THAT rarity to photograph!

Proverbs 16:31English Standard Version (ESV)31 Gray hair is a crown of glory;
it is gained in a righteous life.